Relocation Group Visits Shawneetown Library

Members of a city relocation planning group from various parts of the United States, Australia, and Japan, came to the Shawneetown Public Library on Sunday, May 5th, to listen to author, David Welky, who wrote “The Thousand Year Flood-Ohio-Mississippi Disaster of 1937”, Steve Galt Gallatin County EMA Director, and Lori Hise, Gallatin County Flood Officer, regarding the relocation of Shawneetown after the 1937 flood and the government buyout from the 2011 flood. Mr. Welky gave the scenario and explained all the pros an cons of the move, dealing with the Federal government, the WPA, Disaster Relief Services, and the people of Shawneetown. Steve related stories he learned about the relocation from his dad, James J. Galt, and Lori gave information regarding the government buyout from the flood of 2011. The relocation group is working in their various locales on city relocation projects and were interested in learning how this story in history played out and recent 2011 flood played out. The group had also been to Valmeyer, Illinois, to meet with people relating to the more recent moving of their town from the flood of 1993. Anyone who has any more pictures or insight on this, please contact the Shawneetown Public Library.



Relocation group1


  1. Hello I recently read “The Thousand-Year Flood” and I am considering collaborating with a Chicago architecture blog author on a person from that book: Mary Long Whitmore. Does the library have any additional information about her, especially any photographs of her or her town model? Thanks. Joe Wehrmeyer 615-403-2449.

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