Genealogy Information

Our genealogy section of the library has much to offer thanks to the historical contributions of Betty Irene Head and our many donors of books and historical information. We have much to assist you in your quest to find any historical information or ancestry information. Our section offers microfilms dating from 1841-2013, some census records and minimal microfilms from various other states. We have a UScan+ to help you view those microfilms.

There are many historical and genealogical research alphabetized by family last name donated to the library by Betty Head. She also donated many binders of her newspaper articles “From Out of the Past”. There are also several copies of the Gallatin County Pictorial History books and various surrounding counties history books.

We have 12 volumes of Gallatin County Court Records binders. Many binders with historical information on the Crenshaw’s and The Crenshaw House, also know to as “The Old Slave House”.

Our genealogy section also has many death notices and obituaries cut from newspapers from 1925-2012. There is will, probate and estate information, marriages in Gallatin County and some various surrounding counties and states. We have old maps and plat books, cemetery information, various yearbooks from Shawneetown High School and Ridgway High School.

You can also find books at our library from local authors. We have a very nice collection of the Lucille Lawler books that contain history and information from long ago.

We have several binders, articles and information on the 1937 flood history and the relocation of Shawneetown.

We do not circulate any of our genealogy collection, but everyone is welcome to come in to do research, take photos and make copies of what we have. Copies and prints are .50 and we also have 16GB flash drives for $5 each you can scan and save your information on.

Gallatin County is full of rich history.  The Shawneetown Public Library, the Gallatin County Courthouse, the Gallatin County Historical Society and the Tri-State Genealogical Society are happy to help you with any research. The library will take phone requests and do research for a minimal donation depending on the extent of the research. Please consider postage costs when requesting, we also will send information by email. Please contact the Shawneetown Public Library at 618-269-3761, message us on our Facebook page or email us at You may also contact the Gallatin County Courthouse-County Clerk’s Office at 618-269-3025, Tri-State Genealogical Society Tri-State Genealogical Society – Online Home of the Tri-State Genealogical Society, Evansville, Indiana ( and the Gallatin County Historical Society-contact Christy Short at 618-269-3531 or go to their website Gallatin County Historical Society ( .